Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yay for the Old Boy!!

Wahoo Super Sax!! Why so excited you may very well ask. There have been many times over the years that I have tried to trial Saxon, in both agility & obedience. Now whilst he has the ability, talent, and, without a doubt, the enthusiasm, we have hard a hard time over the years managing his arousal levels. Thus, we don't compete in CAWA trials. I continue to train with Sax as he enjoys it so much, and on occasion I will enter him in one of our clubs Members Competitions, be it agility or obedience.

So Wed night Northern Suburbs had it's last Agility/Jumping Members Comp for the year. I entered Sax in Pre-Trial (Equivelent to Novice but for dogs not competing at CAWA level) Jumping. Full of beans as usual he was ready to fly off the start line and I had a hard time making him wait. Got to the second obstacle and he was off!!! Although not a brilliant run by many peoples standards I was thrilled to say the least. All the bars stayed up, there was no spinning between obstacles, there was no cutting back to me and there was no barking (a few "woowoo's" though!!). I was so proud of him. Super Dog!!

So at the grand age of 9 1/2 Saxon won his first ever "Comp". Yup, thats right, he managed to take out first place - Yay Saxy Man!! I've got to say that I think he was pretty chuffed with himself too. He tugged so hard on his toy once he'd finished that he actually broke part of it - ripped it clean in half!! Oh well, you deserve it "Old Boy".