Monday, July 27, 2009

The first week

So one week has passed already - how time flies. The "Jet Man" (as my son calls him) is settling in nicely. He is your typical puppy .... Into EVERYTHING!!!! Boy is he fun though, loves to play with his toys - and the big dogs toys too. Nightime is great, he's in bed by 11 and sleeps through till 7! Mind you now that I've said that he'll probably be up all night tonight :)

Phoenix absolutely loves him. They would play all day together if I let them. Tracks are already developing in the yard as they do their laps - just as well I decided to wait to redo the gardens!! It's hilarious, when Jetzen wants to get away he races along the fence under the pine trees because Nix doesn't fit, then he'll stop with the funniest look on his face and look at her to say "well whats the problem I can do it!"

Saxon is accepting Jetzen well too. To the point that when Sax and I are playing fetch, once Saxon has dropped the toy of choice he will let Jetzen pinch it if I am not quick enough to get it first. Sax just stands there and looks at me to say "Mum he's got it again".

So all in all a good first week.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Handsome Boy

Had to share this photo taken only moments ago. Such a handsome boy.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Toy Boy

I was told by Mary (breeder) that Jetzen had quite a personality and sense of fun - boy was she right. This little man is a dynamo with toys. Absolutely LOVES them. He is also a giant spaz of a puppy, his spac runs are hilarious to watch, not just because of him but the look on Phoenix's face as he goes tearing by!!

He has met a couple of friends over the weekend - a lovely Beardie who I'm sure he's bound to get up to mischief with, and a Great Dane who's paw was nearly the same size as Jetzen's head!

Here are some more photos for you all, hope you enjoy them....

Friday, July 17, 2009

He's Here!!!!

Jetzen has arrived!! I'm not sure who has been more excited today waiting - myself or my son. All day he has been asking "When are we going to get my new puppy?" and here I was thinking I was getting a new dog :)

Jetz seemed to handle the flight well - mind you he wasn't that impressed when I put him back in his crate for the trip home but he settled really quickly. I'm really looking forward to seeing his personality develop - I've been assured that I will have lots of fun with him!! So far so good :) and as you will see he is already loving tug!!

Here are a few of his first photos....


Crack up - We have just been out for a toilet break and I wasn't paying Jetz any attention so he started whining - that didn't work, so he ran and grabbed the tug toy - sorry not play time, so he whined again - nope still not gonna work, so he flops down onto his side with a noise like his world has just ended and then looks at me with this cheeky look as if to say "Did you buy that one?" FUNNY.

Time to go play!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three more sleeps :)

Yup that's right - just three more sleeps!! Three more sleeps till what you may ask? Three more sleeps till my new boy gets here - Introducing.......

"Noonbarra Jetzen"
(Photo from breeder - 7 weeks)

The phone call came today to let me know that Jetzen will be arriving from NSW on Friday afternoon - I haven't stopped smiling since!! Although I have had a few "Oh geez" moments thinking of all the things I still have to get done before he gets here. I'm looking forward to the challenge though and can't wait to have another 'mate' following me around. Until Friday...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Almost there....

Ok, two posts in one day - don't get too used to it!! Just trying to get up to the present :)

2009.... So far so good.

We have continued on with the herding and tried to get down there as often as possible, unfortunately as much as I would love to go every week it just hasn't been possible. Still, at the start of the year Nix passed her Herding Instinct Test (HIT), Herding Test (HT) and Pre-Trial Test (PT) all in the space of less than 3 months.

Agility is going well - more to the point Jumping is going well. Nix gained her Novice Jumping Title (JD) in June with three second place qualifying rounds. Along with a second in the State Novice Jumping Final as well. Not bad considering the age and experience of the dogs she was up against. Agility would be better if she didn't have such an obsession with the A-frame and Dog Walk!!!

Unfortunately obedience has taken a back seat for a while although I must step that back up again with the Nationals here in October. Stand for Exam and Stays to proof and we should be right.

So with that quick summary of the first half of 2009 we are up to date!! Well almost.... Now to meet the new addition, but that will require a post all of it's own.....

Nix's First Year

So this is a year in review....2008

I thought about trying to write everything that has happened but it would just take far too long. So here is a quick overview.... Phoenix and Saxon are the best of buddies now, although Sax does get a bit annoyed when Nix tries to get him off the comfiest sleeping spot! Her training for both agility and obedience is coming along nicely, as well as training a few tricks - which the kids just love!! She has developed quite an art in landscaping (the kids thought we must of had rabbits with some of the burrows she had dug) although I must admit she only turns to this past time if I have not paid enough attention to her!!

We entered into the world of Herding, which she absolutely loves - naturally. She is a great little dog with lovely footwork and distance off the stock. I think I have found another addiction, although unlike agility it's a bit hard to train at home :)

Her dislike of water began to improve with thanks to several other dogs who LOVE the water. That and the fact that each time I venture into the wet stuff she cant help it and has to follow.

Nix has also developed a really cute (and funny) habit, in that when I am standing still she will come up behind me and stick her head through my legs and look up at me with a really funny look - very cute!!

Well enough jabbering, the following are a few of my favourite photos of Nix over the year, although it was hard to choose considering the 1000's I have taken!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Introducing Phoenix

So it's been a couple of months since Major went to Rainbow Bridge, I've decided just to have the one dog for a while and see what happens. Low and behold, my brother goes away and I dog sit for him. The first day I walk past the back door and see two furry faces looking back at me I'm sold. I'm going to get my Noonbarra Puppy!

I got in touch with Mary from Noonbarra to let her know I was interested in a puppy, hopefully towards the end of the year or beginning of the following year (2008). After letting Mary know what I was looking for in a puppy I left it to her to pick me the right pup, from the right litter. On their web site ( there was a mating listed for the future which I was interested in - Noonbarra Jackaroo / Noonbarra Kellie. I was hoping it would be a while before Kellie came into season, however that wasn't to be.

On Saturday the 11th August 2007 a healthy litter of puppies was born. I was after a black and tan female, and luckily there were 2 in the litter. Now to wait for Mary & Stephen to pick the right pup and then to count the days until I can pick her up from the airport.

October 11th comes and with way too much excitement and anticipation I head to the airport to pick up the new arrival.....

"Noonbarra Phoenix"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

And so it begins......

Here we are, a blog - who would have thought!! Primarily this blog is about the adventures of a couple of Working Kelpies living in the city, however before we get to that, a little about how we got to this point....

My introduction to the world of dogs and dog training started some 15 years ago (1994) with my first boy "Major" a Kelpie x Stumpy Tail puppy picked up from the Wanneroo Markets for a mere $15. Turns out to be the best $15 I had spent in a long time. I soon became immersed into the world of Competition Obedience and then Agility - I was hooked.

Time passes and as we reach the end of 1999 thoughts turn to a second dog - a companion for Maj and I - as well as twice as many runs in agility for me :) - What can I say, other than - "It's addictive!!" Having always been a Kelpie fan I do some research and find a great breeder with really nice dogs - "Noonbarra" in New South Wales. However it will be another 8 years before I am able to get my 'dream' dog.

In 2000, the new RSPCA shelter at Malaga opened and I decided to go for a peek. A friend was volunteering at the time so I dropped by one day while she was there - pretty safe, I'd decided on getting a Noonbarra puppy. How wrong was I!!! Within the week I walked away from the RSPCA with a little brindle and white bundle - "Saxon". A bit of a mixed bag, but predominantly Kelpie, crossed with Border Collie and possibly several other breeds!!! Sax also came with a number of issues, which then led me deeper into the world of dog training and dog behaviour. As the years pass it becomes evident that Sax will struggle to make it on the competition scene. He has the skills and the desire, but just gets too worked up by the environment. No worries - he's the best family dog and companion you could ask for.

We reach 2007 - nearly a year into Majors retirement from competition - what I had hoped would be a long and happy one. It wasn't to be. Easter comes and I wake up one morning to find my boy refusing to move from his bed, even after putting on my runners and picking up the car keys. Something is seriously wrong. One look at his pale gums and we are off to the vet. Turns out he had a tumour on his spleen that ruptured. After ultrasounds and tests the painfull decision was made. So after nearly 13 years I said goodbye to my best mate - My first dog - something special that can never be replicated. Rest in peace my black dog.