Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Girl

Nix is 2 today!! Where has the time gone?? I can't believe that Nix has been part of our lives for 2 years now. I have had lots of fun with my girl over the last two years and she certainly has challenged my knowledge and taught me lots. Here's hoping the next two years (and more) are just as much fun. Happy Birthday Nixy Pixy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Water Pup

Introduced Jetzen to water this week and he took to it like a duck - straight in. He was not fussed in the slightest. I think having other dogs with him that love the water was a big help. Although that said, Phoenix had the same introduction to water yet she would rather stay out of it! Go figure.

Jetzen had a great time running after the big dogs and trying to steal the ball from Saxon - which he managed on the odd occasion when I was too slow to get to it first!! Jetzen has it sussed now though - the first few times he had taken off with the ball I traded him off for a piece of food. Now he picks up the ball, then spits it out almost straight away and sits in front of me for his treat. Hmmm - I get the feeling I am going to have to be on my toes with him!!!

When the water got too deep Jetzen just kept on going - straight into swimming. Poor little guy looked a bit like a drowned rat. Didn't stop him though - he had to get out to his Mum. Such a mummy's boy.

I was really happy too that at times Jetzen would rather do his own thing than chase the big dogs every where. It is great that he is not obsessed with following the others. He is like that at home too - happy to play his own games and do his own things while the other dogs are running around him.

Jetzen has his first bath, well shower, when we got back and that didn't bother him in the slightest either. He stood there like a seasoned professional - except when he was trying to chew the shampoo bottle and lid!!

So far this little man seems to take everything in his stride. Nothing appears to faze him. I'll be doing my best to keep him that way as well!!

As for the others, well Saxon always has a great time when he's got his ball to chase, and he just loves the water so he couldn't have been happier. Mavy spent almost the entire time at Saxon's side racing with him where ever he went and Nix, I think she ran the most out of all of them!!

Phoenix isn't overly fond of the water - although she is getting better with each visit - and would prefer to race backwards and forwards along the shore line while the others go to fetch the ball. She does a beautiful curving arc out, and far far away, while Saxon waits for the ball to be thrown then tears off once Sax moves and then races back to cut him off as he returns. She has a great time stalking, chasing and trying to head him off!!

Here are some more pics off the big dogs - enjoy!

Puppy Class

Sunday saw us attend our first day of Puppy Class at Northern Suburbs! I had forgotten how much fun it is. All those puppies so full of life and enthusiasm. Jetzen had a great time and now has a new best mate - Windy, a very lovely Siberian Husky owned by Kathy. The two of them hit it off like they were old friends!!

There were at least 20 pups (possibly more as I wasn't really counting) and all of a different breed in the group. I was very pleased that Jetzen greeted all of them very appropriately. Actually all the pups were lovely.

I was happy that Jetzen managed to stay focused on me when it was asked of him and also that he calmed down quickly after his play sessions. An hour was a bit much for the little man though and he was mighty tuckered afterwards - though not for long :)

Looking forward to this Sunday and another hour of Puppy Class!