Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introducing ...... Astro!!!!

Ok - So it would seem that I am a bit of a softie :) I couldn't help it - He was just too darn cute!!

So for the short version of the story....

Mum and litter of 4 pound puppies come into work to be vaccinated - woohoo, that means puppy cuddles!! One by one we take the pups out of their crate to be checked over and vaccinated, a brown & white boy, a tri-colour girl, a black & white boy, and a brown & white girl - oh so very cute the lot of them. But there was one I was just drawn to - the black & white boy. I just had that feeling he was something special!

Mum & pups go back to foster carer and I cant stop thinking about the little black & white boy. After a few days I organise for him to come home on foster to see how he fits with the family ....... Well he waltzed into the house like he had been here for years and the rest they say is history!!

So here he is - The little Tenterfield Terrier mix .... ASTRO!!

See ... Told you he was cute!!