Friday, November 26, 2010


Ok so it has been a while since I last updated with the happenings of Phoenix, Jetzen and Co. A long while in fact - eek.

We haven't been trialling much of late - Life seems to have gotten in the way!! Getting back into the swing of training again now just in time for a big break over Xmas :) Always the way isn't it?! Looking forward to the new year and back into fitting things in around trials instead of the other way round (well.... where I can anyway!!)

Our last trial this year was the Royal Show. What an adventure. It was Phoenix's first Royal and I was very proud of my girl. She handled the pressure of the environment a lot better than I thought she would. We had one clear round out of 6 and that was in the teams event. Her other runs though still only had one or two faults. For her first Royal I was very chuffed.

Big thanks to our 'X-Treme' team mates at the Royal too - Graeme & Maverick, Jen & Selby, Bernice & Chuckles - its great fun being in a team with you guys. We managed to get 3rd Place in the Agility Team event too which was awesome!!

*****When I get then tean photos from Graeme I will upload it here!!!******

Now the Jetzki!! Well his training is coming along at home - however out and about we are still working on getting focused on me and not everything else that is moving around him!! Ah the joys!!

The boy is now 18mths old - my how time flys. But stunning boy he is, and oh so smoochie!! He really is the biggesst sook of a dog - loves to cuddle :)

Bring on the New Year - more training, a better yard to be able to train in, (yes renovations in the pipeline) and hopefully trialling with two dogs before the year is out!!