Monday, April 8, 2013


I find it fascinating how life has a way of putting things into perspective for you. This past Saturday was a great example for me.
So this is how it was ........
Spent the morning at an agility trial, beautiful weather and great friends around, kids at their grandparents for the day. I had three runs for the day - all 3 were clear, but yet all three left me feeling dissapointed.
First, Excellent Agility. Clear round, our first pass in Excellnt after almost 3 years - STOKED!! But yet, in that same moment I struggle with the fact that Nix was running far slower than I know she is capable of. (Found out later in the evening Nix won this class!)
Next, Masters Jumping. Slow to start over the first couple of obstacles, but then Nix picked up the pace and we had a really nice finish to the run - clear round - WOOHOO!! Only to hear as I'm putting the lead on that we were out of time - what the?? :-(((  Frustrating again.
Lastly, Excellent Strategic Pairs - Nix and her partner Chuckles both had awesome runs, super excited. But wait, as I'm going out the ring my dog stops and pees - yup disqualified - heartbreaking. Even worse we were the fastest by far and would have won - aaaarrrghhhh!!!
So as I sit and ponder my morning, and feeling a little dispondant trying to work out how to produce the same speed and excitement I get from my dog in training at a trial situation I get a phone call... My son who is anaphylactic to bees has been stung by something. In that split second my day changed. I get off the phone and explain whats happened. Before I can blink all my buddies around me are up and packing down my tent, grabbing my stuff and packing it in the back of the car. Others are packing their stuff up to move their car so I can get out. Lots of people saying "I hope he's ok"
We spent 5 hours at the childrens hospital - but my boy is fine. This is where perspective comes in.
I was having a "woe is me" day as I call it - focusing on the negatives. But sitting in the hospital I had lots of time to think - Thank god the most important man in my life is OK!! I should be gratefull I had the opportunity to be out playing with my dog doing what I love and OMG what an arse was I - my good friend is sitting next to me at the trial with an injured dog and here I am complaining that I've essentially had 3 clear rounds and wasn't happy??
So to the powers that be I say "THANK YOU" Firstly for making sure my son was OK, secondly for the wonderful friends and fabulous agility community that I am proud to be part of, and finally, for putting things back into perspective for me. Clearly I needed a wake up call to say - "Hey you, get over yourself" Never again will I take for granted the simple gifts I have been given.
So....... On the positive side of the trial - here are some great photos courtesy of Brett Sandells

 Glad that Nix thinks this agility caper is so darn easy she can do it with her eyes closed!!!


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